#44. Do you like tattoos?

I like body art. It can be amazing and I don’t mind if someone has a tattoo. It looks good. Sometimes it’s artistic. My friends have a tattoo on his back. That looks cool. As for me, they’re not really my thing. I don’t dislike them on others at all. It’s a permanent thing. I am changing every year. My philosophy and point of view keep changing. What I liked last year, I don’t like it anymore. I am learning every day. I read a lot about the tattoo. It’s fascinating. But I love my clean body and prefer to keep my beliefs inside my mind. Do I have to keep my views to myself??? Lol.

#43. LiFi can cook

Spicy Garlic Vegetable Stir-Fry

  • Servings: 2-3
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Has your passion for vegetables faded lately? This lively, spicy garlic vegetable stir-fry will make the sparks fly again!.


  • 200 gram minced meat
  • 2 potatoes peeled, finely chopped
  • 1 red pepper cut into thin strips
  • 200 gram scallion
  • 2 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • Reduced-salt soy sauce or to taste
  • Chili paste or chili powder

#41. Do you go naked when home alone?

I am living with my parents now and although I have a bedroom, I can’t really have freedom. Recently when I am home alone, I like to strip naked and just be nude. Contrary to the stereotype of nudists, I’m not compulsive about having to be naked every chance I can be. But at home when it’s warm inside, being nude is simply more comfortable, feels liberating and delightfully sensual to free myself that way.

I read some your posts on VT, nearly all you guys like naked (maybe). Rather, if my friends and neighbors knew, would they care and think it strange. Many of them do know, and though many of them probably don’t stay nude much at home, it isn’t at all strange to them that some people, like me, do.

But I’ve got to be careful because we’ve got full-size patio doors at the back of the living room and there’s nothing worse than standing there in the nude, looking out and seeing the next-door neighbor looking over the fence and making eye contact with them. My house also got frosted glass in the front door and when it’s dark outside and the lights are on inside you can still see enough detail from the street that it’s a bit embarrassing!

Do you prefer being naked at home? Why or why not?

#40. Swimming naked in a public pool?

We often wear shorts or underwear when swimming. You or your friends might be from a different culture where that’s not such a big deal when swimming naked. But here most boys here rarely, if ever, get to swim nude. So do you wear swimwear just because everyone else does? Think about it.

I tried to swim naked in public pool this morning when no one was there. I was afraid of arrest for “indecent exposure” while were swimming all-natural. Which is a shame, because once you get used to swimming nude without having to worry about what others think, you’ll hate having to wear anything in the water, ever again
The problem is not just one of peer pressure, but of cultural conditioning not to be naked in front of others like that. Otherwise, it would be no more difficult to swim clothed like everyone around you is clothed, then it is to swim naked when everyone else is naked?

#39. My Favorite Fruit is Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect treat for this early August day (and any summer day, really)! My family sold all of them in a week. This is such a hopeful time in my garden. Nothing has gone wrong yet, no bugs have attacked and no weird weather has struck—yet. I just know that this will be the best growing season we have ever had.
Watermelon is not only yummy, but it also benefits your health in many ways. If you know someone sick, bring them some watermelon to improve their health. This tasty fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins C and vitamin A. Watermelon has its great taste and its healthiness.

Have you ever tried watermelon with salt on it? Black salt enhances the taste of watermelon. Try this combination!!

#38. Do any boys collect underwear?

I won’t say I collect underwear, however, I absolutely love shopping for underwear. I’m a guy that wears briefs every day, not in a sexual sense but because I really like them when I started to buy and wear in some months ago. I guess this makes me sort of a collector. I have at least two of every style. But my favorites are briefs and bikinis, so I have more than 4 pairs of each. For Tuesday, I’m wearing a pair of blue underwear bikinis. They’re the hot brand which I saw a lot of friends wearing in here. When you get them, they look way too small to fit even a kid, but they stretch and are so comfortable

#37. Armpit hair fetish?

Last weekend I was getting out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror and Oh Shit! I had a few hairs! I bent over and examined them and was very excited that I was finally getting some hair and that maybe soon I’d have armpit hair too. I remember when I was 12, I started to get a few hairs in my pants above my dick. I was intrigued by seeing pubic and armpit hair on guys. I didn’t know much about sex or being gay or straight but when I went to the swimming pool or to a football game and saw the teenage boys raise their arms I was very excited. My little dick would get hard and I didn’t know what to do about it but I knew that seeing boy’s armpits turned me on. After one of my friends was explaining to me what a fetish was, I can’t say I’d prefer hairy but I don’t mind stubble and the clean shave is nice. 😀


My body constantly produces all the components of semen. Two days after my last ejaculation, I jerked off quite a bit last night. I found that masturbating, although fun, is really no different than rubbing my arm or leg until I orgasm. Even then it was below my interested level now. My body constantly produces all the components of semen. Two days after my last ejaculation, I jerked off quite a bit last night. I found that masturbating, although fun, is really no different than rubbing my arm or leg until I orgasm. Even then it was below my interested level now.

#34. Ripped my foreskin during “jerk off”

It had an accident and I had to go to the hospital this morning. I want to share with you my experience. I hope you will not get one.

My problem that I was getting hard while chatting with a friend in the morning. I felt horny and stroked my penis a bit when we were saying about sexual topics. I told that I was hurt if rubbed my penis then because my foreskin is too tight. But he said that I could try and masturbate slowly and see how it goes as stretching exercises. See if the good feeling continues. I thought it was right until my foreskin tears and skin abrasion leading to minor bleeding. I was worry and embarrassed when told with my mother who checked my penis before taking me to the hospital.

The Doctor said that basically, I ripped my foreskin during “Jerk off” after examining my penis and If I get another bleed, I need to ask my parents to take me to a urological surgeon. The surgeon will tell me whether it’s necessary to do a surgical ‘repair’ on the foreskin or whether I need a circumcision. She requires shaving pubic area to keep more hygiene, even so, don’t wear tight underwear as which I was wearing.

That was my first time in hospital. It is not painful but more embarrassing. I hope I never have to go there again.